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Frequently Asked questions

Q: How many people can ride?

A: Our party bike can hold a maximum of 15 people. All of our tours require a minimum of 8 participants to run. If we don’t meet the minimum we reserve the right to cancel or reschedule the tour.  If your tour is cancelled, you will be contacted by PedalBoro prior to your tour date.

Q: Does everyone pedal on the bike?

A: Our bike has 10 pedaling seats, 2 non-pedaling seats, and a back bench that can hold up to 3 individuals. While on tour we encourage folks to take turns so that everyone gets an opportunity to earn their beer.


Q: Who can ride?

A: Participants must be legal drinking age in Ontario (19+).  Group pedaling allows anyone regardless on cycling experience or physical ability to hop on the party bike and have a jolly good time.  Pedaling passengers ideally should be at least 5′ tall to comfortably reach the pedals. Shorter passengers are still welcome to ride but are encouraged to take a non-pedal seat or put their feet up and relax on the back bench seat. 

Q: Are drinks included in the price?

A: Our tour includes small drink samples at each brew stop- similar to a wine tasting.  While visiting a brew stop, you will  receive front-of-the-line service from our partners at each location. Pedalers are encourage to bring cash to purchase beer along the way at our partner locations. 


Q: Can you drink on the bike?

A: Unfortunately, the Ontario liquor laws do not allow us to have open liquor on-board.  However, you are welcome to bring your non-alcoholic drinks on board. In fact, we encourage you to bring a bottle of water, you might need it!

Q: Where do the tours start?

A: All of our pedal tours start and end the parking lot of Larry Electric on 164 Sherbrooke Street next to the LCBO.

Q:  Is there parking available?

A: There is ample parking available in the downtown core within walking distance of our departure site. parking options include: street parking, parking underground at Peterborough Square, and the King Street Parking Garage.

Q: What happens if it's raining? Cold? Snowing?

A: Our tours run rain or shine make sure you dress accordingly. If there is a severe weather warning, the Captain will determine if it’s safe to continue. If there is snow on the ground, we do not ride and the tour will be cancelled.  If PedalBoro cancels your tour for snow or any other reason, you will be given the option to re-book or request a full refund.

Q: What should I wear?

Dress for the weather!  If you bring a jacket or sweater, you can store it in our cubby on the bike if you get too hot.  We definitely recommend wearing shoes. DO NOT wear high heals. Pants or shorts are a better bet than a dress or skirt.


What Should I bring?

Cash, it gets you a beer a lot faster and it’s more convenient once we get to a brew-stop. Be sure to bring your ID to ensure you can enjoy a nice cold one at each stop.  A generous hand… if you’ve enjoyed your ride or your experience at our stops, tips are welcomed by our bike guides and our partner’s bartenders.


Q: What is the cancellation policy?

A: Cancellations within 7 days of a scheduled tour is non-refundable. Cancelations made less than 30 days of a scheduled tour date may reschedule for a later date or will have the option to receive a 50% refund. Tour cancellations made 30 days prior to a tour will receive a full refund. Please note: all PedalBoro refunds are sent via e-transfer unless otherwise arranged.

How do refunds work?

A: We will refund you in full via e-transfer or can mail a cheque to you in the event you do not want an e-transfer. 

How safe is the ride? 

Your safety is our primary concern.  Our bikes are equipped with high back seats, handle bars, and hydraulic brakes to keep you comfortable and safe.  We typically travel at an easy 8 km/h pace.  You do not HAVE to wear a helmet, but if you would like to wear one, feel free to bring one along!  PedalBoro will not provide any helmets. 

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